200 Brimob Ready Secure Re-Election in Sampang

Approximately 200 East Java Police Mobile Brigade personnel deployed to secure re- election in 19 polling stations ( TPS ) in Sampang , Madura , East Java , on Saturday ( 19/4 ) .

" Troops have arrived this evening in Sampang and are ready to secure re-election in District and Sub-District Ketapang Robatal , " said Chief of Police Sampang , Chief Edwin Imran Siregar on Friday evening .

Brimob personnel were divided into two units of the company rank in Sampang arrived with raised three trucks and four cars following the bus water cannon .

Officers move to the location of elections in two villages , namely West Bira village , sub-district and village of Ketapang Pandiyangan , District Robatal , along with distribution logistics of shipping the General Election Commission ( KPU ) local .

Repeat voting in 19 polling stations in Sampang regency was held since discovered practices that are not procedural elections on 9 April 2014 ballot . Tally One held starting at 10:00 am , when , schedule counting began at 13.00 pm .

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In addition , invitations to prospective voters voting in the two villages that are not shared by many officers of election .


Teacher’s Nose Bite The students have not Homework

Mustard ( 57 ) , a class teacher at SDN 2 Karangmalang , Gebog , Holy , Holy is reported to the police station , on Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) yesterday .

Mustard reported to the Protection of Women and Children ( PPA ) for biting his nose , initials AEP ( 9 ) , third-grade students in the elementary school .

When met at SDN 2 Karangmalang , Mustard said , he began reporting on Saturday ( 12/4 ) then the time is running learning activities ( KBM ) with subjects Culture Art and Skills ( SBK ) .

As usual , after being given a homework assignment ( PR ) , Mustard always ask the PR results before starting the lesson .

" When I ask the PR results , he did not do it . Thing was not just once, he had many times do not want to do homework , " he says .

Because AEP is not doing homework , then make Mustard annoyance and emotion . He then spontaneously AEP bit into the nose so that imprint . AEP was then crying because of pain .

Coming home from school , AEP reported the incident to her parents . By then his parents were invited to the Hospital of the Holy AEP to conduct post mortem .

Post mortem results are then used as the basis Mustard family AEP reported to the police station on charges of persecution of the Holy .

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" I was also a lot of ordinary people who make mistakes . I gregetan him then bite his nose alone . Was not too hard . I already went home , I ‘m resolved familial and reports revoked . , But , said his mother waiting for her father who was working in Semarang , " he explained .


Frequency of Use Gadgets Makes Easy Teens Suffer Stroke

Sophisticated technology affect today’s youth lifestyle . Some teens even found to have a stroke . This is all due to sedentary lifestyle or less active and more playing gadgets .

Lecturer in Occupational Therapy Program Vocational Hermito Gideon convey , stroke increased with age . But , now teenagers can also stroke.

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According to him , stroke risk factors that is easy and very important to control hypertension . As many as 40 percent of strokes are those with more than 140 mm Hg systolic .

" Teenagers are very actively using his fingers to play HP ( mobile ) or gadgets may experience blockage and rupture of blood vessels , due to lack of productive activity , " Gideon said in a release received Liputan6.com , Friday ( 11/04/2014 ) .
Actually , there is a new rehabilitation methods that can restore almost 80 percent of the life of stroke survivors . Gideon said , this can all be done with occupational therapy .
Occupational therapy is actually an approach that aims to encourage patients dependent ( dependent ) becomes independent ( standalone ) such as driving back and forth .

" With occupational therapy not only helped patients commit gross motoric as in physiotherapy ( walking activity ) . However , the patient can return to normal self , according to the professional background or a hobby , " he said .

Gideon gave an example , after a stroke due to rupture of blood vessels , with occupational therapy , a teenage high school students grade 1 again able to play the piano and live a normal life like before the stroke.

Meanwhile , Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Occupational Therapists , Bambang Kuncoro , the Public Lecture on Stroke Therapy ` ` convey , the actual stroke of cardiovascular disease which occurs due to the failure of the supply of oxygen to the brain cells , the risk for ischemic damage and can lead to death .
Stroke become the third leading cause of death after cardiovascular diseases and cancer . 550,000 new cases estimated to occur each year . In fact , this disease also affects the economy directly ( health ) or indirectly .


Gunman in U.S. Jews Yelling “Live Hitler”

Three people were killed in a shooting at two Jewish communities in Kansas , United States . His motive is hatred or strongly suspected of anti - Jewish sentiment .
Reuters reported , the shooter at the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom is a bearded white man in his 70s . Perpetrators were arrested by the police . Aided by the FBI , the police are still investigating the motive for the shooting .

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Local media said that , when taken to the police car , the perpetrators shouted “Long live Hitler ” . Overland Park Police Chief John Douglas , declined to confirm the report . While the alleged perpetrator is an anti - semite .

" Actors in the back seat pulled out some statements . Firstly we are still investigating and looking for the accuracy of this information . Secondly , we will investigate this statement to look for evidence , " said Douglas .

The Jewish Community Center is a special school where the only Jew in Kansas City , Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy . This place became a means of gathering the Jews in Kansas , including the Jewish youth association meeting place .

Not to mention the identity of the shooter . But Douglas said that he was not a citizen of Kansas . Asked if that was targeted by the Jews , Douglas can not confirm it .

But Rabbi Herbert Mandl told CNN that the perpetrator was targeting Jews . This incident convinced Mandl hate , because the offender asked the victim before shooting .

" Asking if you are Jewish before the shooting sounded like a crime based on hatred , " said Mandl .

When it happened , the school immediately repatriate students and vacate the building . Parents arriving to pick up their children . Previously , community gate closed for more than an hour before the police arrived .

" It is horrible , think of something like this happening . In the state of West - Central we think it is safe from things like this . , But now all it makes no difference , " said David Wainestock , one of the parents who pick up their children .

This is the second shooting incident that occurred in April . Previously on April 2 , the shooting occurred at the Fort Hood military base in Texas by a soldier . Four people were killed , including actors named Ivan Lopez, who committed suicide .


Australian PM: Battery Box Black MH370 Maybe It Out

Australian Prime Minister , Tony Abbott , at the weekend said the signal from the plane’s black boxes Malaysia Airlines MH370 , will likely continue extinguished quickly . Therefore, the predicted black box battery can only last for 30 days .

While entering the 37th day , the search process is still not yielded positive results . Quoted from page Times of India , Sunday, April 13 , Board Joint Coordination Center ( JACC ) said joint rescue operation that was held yesterday involving 11 military aircraft , the civilian aircraft and 14 ships .

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While focused search area reached 2,200 kilometers northwest of Perth , Australia . They began to narrow the search area is located in the Indian Ocean in order to mobilize the vehicle to detect the underwater wreckage .

In the search mission , said JACC , Australian defense ship , Ocean Shield , continue to focus on combing using a tracking device signal black box , Towed Pinger Locator , to catch other signals . Therefore , it had been four days they have not managed to catch the new ping signal .

China also does not want to miss , because they are also planning to deploy underwater vehicles made ​​their own sake can be found debris Boeing 777-200 ER .

Then , when the black box battery is completely discharged , what’s the next step of a joint SAR team ? According to National Geographic oceanographer , Sylvia Earle , it’s time they should deploy underwater vehicles belonging to the United States , the Bluefin - 21 , to comb the sea level and not just listen to the ping signal black box .

"This thing can help find the location of the wreckage , " said Earle told CNN .

With the tools , ships at sea can find a picture of the terrain beneath instead of using the camera but from the sound . After the wreckage was found , other tools such as remote operating vehicle ( ROV ) must also be deployed to find the black box . ROV capable of combing to a depth of three miles under the sea .

The problem , said Earle , to deploy the ROV , it takes a cable from the ship at the sea surface .

" Not a lot of this kind of equipment available in the world , " he said .

Only a few countries have such submarines of the United States , Russia , Japan , China and France alone which can be lowered at that depth .

"In addition , the presence of human presence in the underwater will certainly make a big difference . You know very little about what was in there , " said Earle .

However , from this incident , said Earle , helped give rise to the wisdom that is how they invest a lot of funds for aviation and aerospace industry , but even ignoring the marine industry .

While in the eyes of Flight Analysis of CNN , David Soucie , not be a surprise if the search has not been fruitful plane positively to this day . It could happen , because the search model used to track debris mistaken .

According to the author of a book titled ” Why Planes Fall ” , reflecting from a plane crash of Air France 447 that crashed in the South Atlantic Ocean in 2009 ago due to one thing .

" They spent a week to look for the presence of debris in the wrong location , " said Soucie .

Moreover , according to him , not until the discovery of the wreckage could mean the 37th aircraft could not be destroyed but rather fall to the ocean floor in a state of plane parts still intact . If that happens , then the process of finding the black boxes require extra effort , because they are located in the tail .

Investigators had to disassemble the tail to take the black box and unpack the mystery of the cause of the loss of military radar plane mysteriously on March 8, 2014 , then . ( eh )


Advan Vandroid S4A, Cheap Android Dual Camera

Advan Continuous smartphone market in the country with a variety of inexpensive smartphones . There Vandroid most brand S4A , which created the market for low-end connoisseur aka selfie self- action photos .

This is evident from Dihadirkannya 2 MP front camera for around Rp799 thousand smartphones berbanderol this .

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Affairs of other specifications , Advan Vandroid S4A is also relative to the size of the slick smartphone class . The kitchen was redone 1GHz dual-core processor , which ditandem 512MB RAM, 4GB of internal memory plus a microSD slot . The operating system was already quite adequate , Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean .

To accompany the front camera , it also attaches Vandroid S4A main camera on the back . Its strength is 5 MP , quite reliable immortalize precious moments diverse users .

4 -inch diagonal screen , which is ready to display a row of menu icons of his collection of applications and features . Dual SIM 3G technology and HSDPA are ready , to accommodate access to roaming mobile virtual nature .

But, in Vandroid S4A limited battery capacity of 1200mAh , which is practically very mediocre to support the needs of the features of this smart phone . Impact , you should propose to accompany Advan POWERBANK device Vandroid S4A in daily activities .

Specifications Advan Vandroid S4A :
Dual Sim GSM , 3G HSDPA , Dualcore 1.0GHz , Android Jelly Bean OS 4.2.2 , 512MB RAM , 4GB of internal memory , micro SD up to 32GB , 4.0 -inch screen , dual cameras ( 2MP Front & Rear 5MP ) , Bluetooth , Wifi , wifi tethering , 1200mAh Battery


Akil never invite the Chairman of the Commission of North Sumatra Plantations business

Chairman of the General Elections Commission (KPU) North Sumatra (North Sumatra) Irham Buana Nasution admitted to do business in the area of ​​oil palm by former Chief Justice Akil Mochtar.

"Never, because he had 200 hectares of oil palm plantations. He offered to me," said Irham while testifying at the trial of Corruption (Corruption), Jakarta, Thursday (04/10/2014) night.

Irham presented to the Corruption Court as a witness for Akil, defendant alleged bribery case in the Constitutional Court election dispute.

He claimed the offer was not immediately accepted even Akil was rejected because no money. However, Akil discussed the offer with his wife, Khalijah Lubis. It happened around the year 2010. “My wife agreed. Money is Rp250 million. Posted transfers,” imbunya.

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Akil named as a suspect in the alleged bribery in the election dispute MK. Former member of the House of Representatives was also charged under Article money laundering.


Email Steve Jobs Reveals How “Kill” Android

The trial between Apple against Samsung turns Apple’s strategy to uncover the facts in 2011 . In that year , Apple was already prepared a variety of strategies to catch up with Android , and how to beat them .

In a trial that was held on Friday ( 04/04/2014 ) in the Court of San Jose , California , the presented data in the form of e - mails from the founder of Apple , Steve Jobs .

In an e - mail that is confidential , Jobs said that 2011 be ” holy war ” against Google with its Android , and what steps need to be taken Apple .

9to5 Mac quoted on Friday ( 04/04/2014 ) , in the year Apple is trying to develop a low-cost smartphone from the base iPod touch to replace the iPhone 3GS which is still outstanding at that time .

In terms of software , Jobs realized that the iOS in the iPhone start threatened by Android , because Android features Apple has surpassed that point .

Jobs then draw up a plan of how iOS can compete with Android , especially in terms of how the iPhone displays notifications , tethering capability , and voice recognition features .

The strategy was later proved to be successful when the iPhone introduced a feature in the iPhone 4S personal assistant called ” Siri . ” Siri itself under the name of the document was also been determined before the launch of iPhone 4S smartphones since before Jobs called it by the name ” iPhone 4 Plus ” .

In the case of cloud computing , Jobs also admitted that time Apple missed from Google , especially in terms of features Contacts , e - mails , and calendar that can be synchronized with a variety of devices .

At that time , Jobs gave rise to the idea of ​​making MobileMe features to help make the Apple ecosystem more unified so that consumers do not switch to another platform . MobileMe iCloud service later became the basis of what we know today .

Overall, it can be concluded that in 2011 , Jobs had realized that iOS will lose to Android if not done revamping and adding features. Fill in your e- mail full of Steve Jobs in 2011 can be viewed through the following link .

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Jobs could be considered successful strategy if the notice given by the loyalty of Apple fans , khususunya iPhone user since 2011 until now . Only , this time consumers wait for Apple to make a smartphone with a larger screen and a more affordable price . Can Apple meet these demands


Syrian President Declare War End End 2014

More than 3 years of fighting between opposition parties and the pemeritnah raging in Syria . The death toll continues to fall . Refugees also growing . When is this going to end the civil war ?

Syrian President Bashar al - Assad declared that the civil war going on in the country will be coming to an end at the end of this year , 2014. This was said by the former Prime Minister of Russia Sergei Stepashin after talking directly with Assad .

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Sergei who was Prime Minister under the government of President Boris Yeltsin , said Assad’s claim to want to stop fighting with the opposition Syrian president called a terrorist .

" When I asked what steps the government military , Assad said , " this year’s military action in Syria will end . We will stop what we’ve been doing , the war against terrorism ’ , "said Sergei , as published by Reuters on Tuesday ( 8 / 4/2014 ) .

Russia is known as a friend of the Syrian government in its battle with the opposition on the ground of the Middle East . In addition to the dialogue on the war, Sergei also claimed to have a discussion about the country’s economy .

Syria war going on since March 2011 . Based on the latest data from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights released 1 April 2014 , the death toll reached 150 344 people .

Dozens killed hundreds of thousands of victims consisted of 51 212 civilians including about 7985 children ; 37 781 members of the armed opposition who were killed in a war , including a jihadist , an armed group of Islamic State of Iraq and the Eastern Mediterranean, and Front Al - Nusra group affiliated with al - Qaeda .

Then 58 480 government troops , including more than 35,000 soldiers . 364 members of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement was also killed in the Syrian conflict . While 2,871 others have not been identified . ( Yus Ariyanto )

source: http://news. liputan6 .com/

Search MH370 without deadline

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said there is no time limit for the search aircraft numbered Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight , with 239 passengers , who disappeared more than three weeks in the Indian Ocean .

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Abbott , told Reuters on Monday, March 31, 2014 , said as many as 20 aircraft and ships will continue to explore in the Indian Ocean as far as 2,000 kilometers west of Perth on Monday, March 31, 2014 . ” I really would not set a time limit , ” said Abbott told reporters after a meeting with the search team at the headquarters of the Royal Australian Air Force ( RAAF ) Pearce in Perth . ( Read : Australia Create New Rules Search MH370 )

Abbott explained that the search teams are still owed ​​to the bereaved family to continue the search . ” The intensity of the search and improve our operations , not decreased , ” he said .

Families of victims criticize the Malaysian government in the search and investigation , including the government ‘s decision last week , which is based on satellite evidence that the plane crashed in the southern Indian Ocean .

Abbott rejects the notion that call Malaysia too hasty to declare it because there is no evidence of plane debris was found . Malaysia Airlines aircraft with Boeing 777 - 200ER last time the radar in northwest Malaysia , led to the Indian Ocean . ” According to the accumulation of evidence , lost aircraft at a location in the Indian Ocean , ” he said . ( Read : Family MH370 to Kuala Lumpur , Want to Meet PM )

Malaysia stated that aircraft have disappeared in less than an hour flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing is likely to reverse direction . Investigators have no motive of the 227 passengers or 12 crew to do so .

China also criticized the handling of Malaysia in this case . But China Daily convey understandable if not all sensitive information can diumbar to the public. (see also: situs download film gratis)

" Although the Malaysian government looks clumsy in dealing with this crisis , we must understand that this is probably the most bizarre incidents in the history of civil aviation in Asia ," the newspaper ‘s editorial . " Public opinion should not blame the Malaysian authorities deliberately concealing information without strong evidence . " ( Read : Join the CIA and MI6 Search Malaysia Airlines )

source:http://www. tempo .co/