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Hidup kita tidak pernah lepas dari yang namanya mesin. Beragam mesin dari mulai yang sederhana hingga yang rumit. Salah satu mesin yang paling kita butuhkan adalah mesin jahit. Dahulu mungkin kita masih suka menjahit manual dengan jarum dan benang akan tetapi itu sangat tidak cocok digunakan dalam industri skala menengah hingga besar. Orang butuh mesin jahit untuk menghasilkan produk yang lebih banyak. Sekedar tambahan pengentahuan, orang telah melakukan aktivitas menjahit sejak 20.00 tahun silam ketika mulai berakhirnya zaman Es. Mesin jahit pertama kali ditemukan oleh Barthelemy Thimonnier di awal abad ke 19 dan terus berkembang hingga mesin jahit seperti yang kita lihat sekarang.

Di pasar Indonesia ada banyak sekali merk mesin jahit dengan harga mesin jahit yang berbeda-beda. Ibu-ibu dirumah pasti kenal dengan namanya Singer, Brother, Messina, Dragonfly, Juki, Yamato, Janome, dan berbagai merk lainnya. Kali ini pasar harga mengumpulkan harga mesin jahit terbaru dalam postingan ini. Semoga dapat membantu bagi anda ibu-ibu atau pengusaha yang ingin mencari mesin jahit dengan harga terjangkau dan kualitas bagus.

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Attend Jokowi-JK Declaration Campaign, Kadesh Demak Disemprit Supervisory Committee

District of Village Head Pilangrejo Wonosalam , Demak , Tugiman , must deal with the Election Supervisory Committee ( Panwaslu ) Demak . The reason, he was allegedly involved in the action to support one presidential candidate .

She checked for an hour for questioning related to participation in the event declaration Jokowi award - JK , May 24 , at Jalan Sultan Trenggono winning post . The event was also attended by the Governor of Central Java , Ganjar Pranowo .

( Read: master murai batu )

Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of Demak , Choirul Saleh , said village chief barred from team activities and become successful campaign presidential candidates as mandated by the Act No. 42 of 2008 on the Election .

Although the declaration Jokowi - Jk in Demak yet entered the stage of the campaign, calling the head of the village as a precautionary measure and to remind the elder leaders in the village , so that no political office by supporting a candidate pair .

" In addition to prevention , this calling is also an early warning for other village heads in order to maintain neutrality during the election , " he said in a press statement received on Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) .

Meanwhile , when questioned , admitted Tugiman come to the event of the declaration on the initiative himself and wants to listen to his speech the Governor of Central Java , Ganjar Pranowo .

" I did not join a successful team . Coming in as private as friend invitation . Mosok met Mr. Ganjar should not be " he said .

Separately , Manager Program Coordinator for the People’s Voter Education Network ( JPPR ) , Sunanto , considered that the presence of village heads in the event a violation is not an especially until now there is no presidential candidate is determined by the Commission . Therefore , according to JPPR , no rules are violated election .

" What’s so wrong . Yet no candidate pair set , so legitimate people to follow the activities of the candidates , " he said via text message .


Jokowi said sarcastically that Party Chairman Forward So-vice presidential candidates

Joko Widodo presidential candidate reminding people of Indonesia for not forgetting the nature of statesmanship party chairman who work together with Jusuf Kalla support in the presidential election this time . According to Jokowi , the actions of the party chairman should be appreciated as willing to curb his ego to an office .

Currently Jokowi- JK is supported by four parties . The party is the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle led by Megawati Sukarnoputri , Nasdem Party led by Surya Paloh , the National Awakening Party , chaired by Muhaimin Iskandar , as well as the People’s Conscience Party under Wiranto .

( Read: sangkar pleci lomba )

" Bu Mega , Mr. Surya Paloh , Mr. Muhaimin , Pak Wiranto is an example of a leader who put the interests of the state party . Should be appreciated because they give a chance to me and Mr. JK is not a party leader . Chairman instead if the other candidates are advanced , but yes please , "said Jokowi at the People’s Manifesto support dekarasi not belong to a party in the area of ​​Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

Jokowi added , with the full support of the four who carried the party chairman , he believes it can realize a cabinet that would be filled by a professional . He claimed from the beginning he has always been committed to not giving out seats .

" Many of our party came and went yesterday . Yeah , I assert that a coalition with us unconditionally , tablets . Anybody baseball agreed and agreed , and they went back to the other party , " said Jokowi .


Jakbook Holds Book ‘Stopped Working The Rich’

Jakarta Book Fair ( Jakbook ) 2014 held in Senayan Jakarta , May 23 - June 1, 2014 every day enlivened by a variety of events .
" One is a book review , " said committee chairman Tatang T. Sudensyah Jakbook 2014 in Jakarta , Saturday ( 24/5 ) .

He said on Saturday , 24/5 , the committee held a book review titled Jakbook Stopped Working The Rich published Ajib Publishing .

( Read: kroto pakan burung )

The event was held on the main stage , at 13:30 to 15:00 13.30-15.012.30-15.00 the show author , Aqua Dwipayana . ” He is an author , lecturer , communications consultant , motivator and entrepreneur , ” he said .

Ajib marketing staff Publishing , said the book Stop Working Mustari The Rich is the best-selling book . ” In just two months has been reprinted three times and sold over 20 thousand copies , ” said Mustari gratefully .

He added that the book was written based on actual experience the author asserts stopped working , either because of a termination of employment (FLE ) and stopped of its own accord ( resign ) is not something scary .
" In fact , to stop working , someone can be more productive and ultimately more rich , because he has more time to focus on business or activity that is practiced , " he said .
In this book , the author also gives various tips so after stopping work , a person can become richer . ” In other words , the free -free at the same time financially , ” said Mustari .

Jakbook is one of the event ‘s annual book fair held Indonesian Publishers Association ( IKAPI ) Jakarta . Other events are the Islamic Book Fair ( Islamic Book Fair / IBF ) held every late February to early March .

Jakbook 2014 is the 24th exhibition . The event consisted of various competitions for children and adolescents , among others, coloring competition and chorus . ” Since the last five years , Jakbook is part of the Jakarta Anniversary celebration , ” said Tatang .


Syrian activists claim Military Use Chlorine Gas Bombs Rebels

Activists and a medical officer in the war-torn Syria Friday claimed the regime of President Bashar Al Assad uses chlorine gas the day before to strike cities held by the opposition in Idlib and Hama province .

The reports could not be confirmed by independent sources , including the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights - a monitoring group based in the UK .

( Read: beternak kroto )

Kafr Zita in Hama province on Thursday with a bomb struck the barrel ( which is derived from the helicopter ) is loaded with chlorine gas .

" The attack was carried out because the regime wants revenge against the city for allowing the rebels to use it as a base for operations against the army in the Hama countryside , " Mohammad said Karman , a United Revolutionary Syrian activist , told AFP .

While activists in Idlib province , northwest Syria , distribute videos showing patients , including children , who were treated at the field hospital and apparently suffocated .

Doctors Tajeddin al - Bakri , a doctor from the area , told AFP that they were convinced of chlorine used .

” You could smell the chlorine from several miles away , ” said Tajeddin . ” Gas is coming from the explosion ( after the bomb attack barrel ) was yellowish-white . “


Admit Jokowi 3 Million Votes PKPI Very Important

Joko Widodo presidential candidates appreciate the positive support that flows from the Indonesian Justice and Unity Party (PKPI). Although the vote was not a big PKPI, Jokowi sure that it can strengthen its position in the presidential election of 2014.

"From the calculations, there are three million that is behind PKPI, the strength for us," said Jokowi PKPI Office Jalan Diponegoro in Menteng, Central Jakarta, Thursday (05/22/2014) night.

( read: suara kenari yorkshire )

He agreed with the statement of the Chairman of PKPI Sutiyoso mentioning, despite the legislative vote totals around 1 percent, but it could be a determinant of who the winner of presidential elections on July 9, 2014.

PKPI, most bloated party in the 2014 legislative elections the vote, official support Jokowi-JK on July 9, 2014 presidential election. A retired general was in the party that was also supported.


Great Poster Wall Mounted Jokowi Keraton Solo

Ahead of the 2014 presidential election on July 9 , the posters contain support for presidential candidate Joko Widodo popping up in the corners of the city of Solo .

One of them in the village Prabuwinatan , Village Gajahan , POND Market , and at Jalan Brig Katamso , Mojosongo , Jebres .

In the five-meter poster in Mojosongo reads ” Absolute Win PDI , Jokowi President Wins Round One ” is written organization called People’s Freedom Alliance .

( Read: burung pentet )

According to local residents in Mojosongo , the poster is mounted about a month ago . Unlike the posters who are in Mojosongo , poster sized larger , approximately 5 x 6 feet , with a picture in the middle Jokowi background pictures of people who are interacting with Jokowi , plastered on the wall in the village belonging Prabuwinatan Surakarta .

The poster also reads a message of support for Jokowi . ” Towards Jokowi RI 1 … Patience Bro , Wait my time Gemah Ripah Loh Jinawi ” .

Local residents named Budi said that the poster had recently installed . ” Less newer once weekly , Mas . Tahunya already installed on it , ” said the owner of the motorcycle washing business , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) .

Budi added that , as a resident of Solo , she could be proud if Jokowi advanced to the presidential candidate . ” Hopefully smoothly and can win , ” said Budi .


A total of 8,970 high school students and vocational Failed Passed UN

A total of 7,811 students of SMA / MA and 1,159 students vocational level in Indonesia certainly does not pass the National Examination (UN ) 2014 held on 14-16 April 2014 ago . This number has declined compared to last year .

Minister of Education and Culture (Education ) Mohammad Nuh said , factors such unsuccessful students due to increased difficulty serving in the UN matters .

( Read: cara mengatasi kenari yang sakit )

" This year’s high school graduation rate / MA and SMK down , one of the factors as the level of difficulty of the questions. Difficult for the category , we raised it to 20 percent , which was previously 10 percent , " said Noah Kemendikbud office in South Jakarta , Monday ( 19/5 / 2014 ) .

Classes of unsuccessful students of SMA / MA and SMK nationwide this year are those who have a standard below that of the determination by the National Education Standardization Agency ( BSNP ) . As for the stipulation , the lowest final value is 5.5 and each subject received the lowest with 4.0 .

" However , students who value his UN - less or do not meet the same standards can still be aided school test scores since the end of the graduation portion of the 60 percent and 40 percent of the UN school exams , " he said .


Most candidates sound 4 Se-Indonesia PDI-P politician Owned

2014 election into a triumph of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) . The vote four legislative candidates ( candidates ) achieved the highest PDI - P politician . They are Karolin Margret Natasa , Puan Maharani , I Wayan Koster , and Rieke Diah Pitaloka .

Based on the list of candidates for the House of Representatives elected certificate read the General Elections Commission on Wednesday ( 14/05/2014 ) , Karolin won the most votes in the House of Representatives about 6,000 other candidates . Candidates who drove the vote of the Regional Electoral ( electoral district ) of West Kalimantan reached 397 481 votes.

( Read: kacer hitam )

The second rank is a member of Commission I , Puan Maharani . Chairman Princess Megawati Sukarnoputri ‘s PDI-P won 369 927 Voice of Central Java Dapil V.

Meanwhile , third place achieved by Koster with the acquisition of 260 342 votes. Member of Commission X that run from the electoral district of Bali . The Rieke advanced in West Java electoral district VII gained 255 064 votes.

The next sequence is successively Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono ( the Democrats , 243 747 votes) , Nusron Wahid ( Golkar Party , 243 021 votes) , Olly Dondokambey ( PDI - P , 237 620 votes) , Dodi Reza Alex Noerdin ( Golkar Party , 203 246 ) , Hanafi Rais ( PAN , 197 915 votes) , and Hasan Aminuddin ( Nasdem Party , 190 226 votes) .

Recapitulation of the Commission , the PDI - P to the election winner by a vote 23,681,471 ( 18.95 percent ) .


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